Antti Kauppinen: Erillisverkot’s AI strategy offers new possibilities to national safety authorities

In the autumn of 2019, we in Erillisverkot decided to find out how to serve our clients in the best way using artificial intelligence. In our study, we took into account the possibilities the technology offers, the strategy and special role of Erillisverkot, and the demands set for the services we offer. As part of this work, Erillisverkot created its first artificial intelligence strategy based on client interviews.

Artificial intelligence (AI), along with 5G, seems to be the technology that everyone is talking about. Some even speak of it as the next industrial revolution that will change the history. It is probably getting a lot of undeserved hype along with unrealistic expectations. However, the first artificial intelligence applications have already snuck upon our everyday lives. Today you can chat online with a customer service bot and every cell phone comes equipped with character and speech recognition. 

From the beginning, Erillisverkot’s special role has been to offer data networks connecting and enabling collaboration between national safety authorities. Over time, their activities and collaboration have evolved towards new types of services. These changes have caused Erillisverkot to outgrow its original role. 

The nature of operations Erillisverkot’s clients sets special demands for the services and data networks we provide. The national safety operators demand high levels of stability, availability and security of the services. Current commercially offered solutions cannot meet these. When the service is crucial to the national safety operators, the internet or commercial cloud services are out of the question. 

Our first AI strategy is now available. We would like to offer our thanks to our customers who contributed to this work by sharing their views and needs with us. One of the main findings of the study was that a crucial success factor in building successful AI solutions for the safety authorities is being able to share data between them. This is exactly why we want to continue developing our ideas and future solutions in close cooperation with our safety authorities. 
You´ll find the AI strategy document here.

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