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Erillisverkot offers a unique range of ICT solutions

We offer authorities and critical operators engaged in security of supply secure and reliable ICT services in all circumstances. We cooperate with security operators to make Finland safer.

Virve services

Our Virve network is used by authorities and security operators for efficient and secure communications. Virve 2 will offer secure and reliable broad-band mobile services in the near future.

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Situational awareness services

Our situational awareness services enable effective leadership and collaboration under normal and exceptional circumstances. Having a shared view of the situation makes recovery from disruptions easier.

Data centres and underground facilities for data centres

We offer secure data centres for our customers’ server and communication systems and comprehensive, expert maintenance and service. We customise the facilities based on the customer’s needs.

Secure cloud and data communication services

We are building a secure society in cooperation with experts in the security field. Our ICT services are reliable under all circumstances.

Location information of cables

Our location information of cables reveals the location of subterranean and overhead cables. Our joint mapping services will send a technician on site to assist in your excavation work.

Network and infrastructure services (Tuve)

We are a high-level contingency network operator that secures the communications between the authorities crucial to Finland’s national security and the high command of the State in all eventualities.

Customised solutions

The security and security of supply operators of our society have different ICT service needs. We want to serve our customers as well as possible by implementing solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer, and this often requires customising the services.

Security and reliability are the cornerstones of our operations. Our services are and will always be reliable and domestically produced, because we are a state-owned special-purpose company. We are present everywhere in Finland, and we know the special features and needs of different areas and our customers. We form partnerships with trustworthy top experts in the field.

We help you stay in the lead by building customised solutions and developing new services that meet your needs.