Solutions for challenges in the security field

Erillisverkot offers a unique range of ICT solutions for operators who do not settle for the ordinary. The services we offer to authorities and critical infrastructure enterprises are extremely reliable and safe. They will help ensure smooth collaboration, safe and secure connections regardless of time and place.

Virve and Virve 2.0

Mission critical and collaboration tool Virve, the public safety radio network, is used by authorities and security operators for efficient and safe communications. Virve is an essential part of the daily cooperation between authorities as well as in crisis situations, also across organisational boundaries.

Mobile strategy

Artificial intelligence strategy


Rapid restoration of services Krivat is a platform that supports collaboration between enterprises in major disruptions in services and enables their rapid restoration. Krivat is a service delivery platform as well as a community, set of procedures and information channel for its subscribers. The service is aimed at critical infrastructure organisations.

Data centres

Secure colocation services for demanding taste Reliable colocation services help maintain security in society. We offer secure colocation services and operating conditions for our customers’ information and communication systems and 24/7 management service.

Safeguarding information nationwide

Erillisverkot offers its customers end-to-end managed information systems and data communication environs. Our services include wireless and fixed IP services, available nationwide. Our IP services include secure gateways to, for example, other customers’ data systems and warehouses. The key aspects of our services are availability and data security. We operate in a cost-efficient manner without ever compromising on quality.

Location information of cables

When you need to know where subterranean or overhead cables are located, Johtotieto is your first-choice partner. If necessary, our joint mapping services will send a technician on site to assist in your excavation work. We are the chosen partner of many civil engineering companies, municipalities, excavation contractors, planners and authorities.


High-readiness network. Our task is to secure the communications between the authorities crucial to Finland’s national security and the high command of the State in all eventualities. We are a network operator specialising in high-readiness level services. Our know-how, infrastructure and services guarantee the undisrupted operation of crucial networks.

Erillisverkot Virve 2.0 Building safety together from Suomen Erillisverkot Oy on Vimeo.