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We secure the functioning of society and communication responsibly

Our core responsibility is to efficiently provide secure ICT services for critical operations and communications to all our stakeholders and society at large.

Our sustainability areas

Environment – considering the climate

We are committed to the climate warming mitigation targets of international climate conferences. We reduce our carbon footprint annually and produce essential services for society energy-efficiently.

Functioning of society

Our core responsibility is to provide secure services for critical operations and communications to all our stakeholders and society at large, economically and efficiently.

Our customers – disruption-free services and information security

Our customers and their needs are at the centre of our operations. Our services must be reliable and secure under normal and exceptional circumstances, and in the event of disruptions.

Renewing workplace community – well-being and expert personnel

The foundation of our operations is our thriving, professional and dedicated personnel. We offer diverse tasks and the opportunities of a developing workplace community in a well-established company.

Good governance and finances

Responsible business and good governance enable us to maintain and develop operations that ensure security. As a special-purpose company, we provide services for society cost-efficiently.

Responsible procurement practices

Our services are based on responsibility and security under demanding and changing circumstances. We have high quality requirements, and we also expect our suppliers to follow and develop the requirements.

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Responsibility is a strategic choice for us

Sustainability is a fundamental element of our business, and it has pronounced importance for our operations. Responsible operations and business practices are a strategic choice for us. Sustainability is one of our core values alongside trust, collaboration and development. The goal of our sustainability programme is a dialogical partnership with our stakeholders, such as customers, owners and suppliers.

We report on our corporate sustainability annually.

Our corporate sustainability targets for 2025:

  • Our services are energy-efficient and free of disruptions, and we have metrics for monitoring this. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint: our carbon footprint will near zero by 2035.
  • Responsible operations mean working together in an innovation-minded culture, and they are the foundation of our welfare.
  • Our strong expertise in sustainability means continuous training, practices and research collaboration.
  • The principles and ethical guidelines of good governance guide us and our partners.
  • Sustainability is an integral part of our procurement.

Sustainability targets at Erillisverkot

We promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through our business.

Responsible and secure services for critical operations and communication are at the core of our work. This means secure connections, high quality and stability. Dialogical partnership that benefits the functioning of society is another important principle at Erillisverkot. Digitalisation enables things that are important for people, Finnish society and sustainable development at the global scale.


Our Code of Conduct

Erillisverkot abides by laws, regulations and other provisions and the Code of Conduct in all its operations. Our operations are based on the values and ethical guidelines of the central government.

Our employees are bound by our Code of Conduct and internal instructions. We encourage our customers, partners and personnel to report all cases of suspected misconduct or unethical behaviour.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Suppliers