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OneWeb and Erillisverkot demonstrated Low Earth Orbit satellite connectivity to Finnish Government Agencies at Westcott Venture Park

Press Release, London and Helsinki, 2 June 2021 – OneWeb, the global communications network powered from Space, invited representatives from across the Finnish Government agencies to observe a demonstration of OneWeb’s Global Connectivity service for the first time. Run in partnership with Finland’s state-run security network provider, Erillisverkot Group, the event demonstrated how OneWeb’s constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites is suited to supporting the operational requirements of multiple government agencies in the High North and Arctic Circle.
LEO OneWeb satellites

Antti Kauppinen, Chief Technology Officer, Erillisverkot Group said: “Erillisverkot wants to present new space technology solutions with partners such as OneWeb to Finnish public safety organisations. Erillisverkot and Finland are one of the global front runners when it comes to co-operation with public safety organisations. To achieve that they must have the state of the art solutions to work with. OneWeb LEO-service certainly meets those requirements.”

Finnish government agencies require assured and seamless levels in connectivity to maximise levels in situation awareness across northern Europe in order to support the full breadth of mission sets including search and rescue; disaster relief; intelligence-gathering; and crisis response.

Dylan Browne, President OneWeb Government said: “OneWeb is delighted to present the capability of LEO satellite communications to enhance the connectivity of government agencies and enable sustainable, scalable connectivity where its most needed and it is our ambition to meet these requirements and provide a high-quality customer experience.”

OneWeb’s new Service Demonstration Centre at Westcott Venture Park’s Innovation Centre in Buckinghamshire, Great Britain, hosted the event which illustrated how OneWeb’s network will provide secure, resilient, high speed and low latency Broadband Internet connectivity.

OneWeb is an ecosystem comprising a constellation of 648 LEO satellites, ground gateways and user terminals which provide uninterrupted coverage to multi-domain platforms on land, in the air and at sea. Service starts in November 2021 above 50 degrees North in the Nordics, Arctic and will be rolled out globally during 2022.

Finnish representatives witnessed how OneWeb will support data throughput up to 195mbps and roundtrip latency levels as low as 70ms. The demonstration also illustrated the seamless hand-over of signals from satellite to satellite and gateway to gateway.

Supported by the UK Government, Eutelsat and Indian telecommunications provider, Bharti Global, OneWeb offers Government customers and enterprise partners solutions for all their defense and emergency response needs.

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OneWeb will enable connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities. It is implementing a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites with a network of global gateway stations and a range of user terminals to provide an affordable, fast, high-bandwidth and low-latency communications service, connected to the IoT future and a pathway to 5G for everyone, everywhere. Find out more at

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