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What are cookies?

Cookies are little text files which are stored on the browser or hard drive of your computer or mobile device when you visit a webpage or application.
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Why cookies are used?

Cookies work to make your experience browsing our site as smooth as possible and they remember your preferences so you don’t have to insert your details again and again.

What cookies are used?

We use cookies on our websites for a variety of reasons which you can learn about below. The cookies we use do not store personally identifiable information that could be used for marketing purposes nor can they harm your computer. We want our website to be informative, personal, and as user friendly as possible and cookies help us to achieve that goal.

The performance improver cookies are essential for you to be able to experience the full functionality of our site (for example, most used sites or possible error messages). Without these cookies, some parts of our site just won’t work as they should.

Third party cookies (for example Google Analytics or Facebook) may store user identifiable information, which we unfortunately cannot control. If you want to prevent them from following your activity on the web, you can disconnect third-party cookies from your browser’s settings. Please see your browser’s help pages for instructions.

There may also be buttons on our site that make it easier to share content across different online communication environments and social media. If you use these buttons, a cookie from the service of your choice may be set on your device. These cookies are not under our control. More information on using third-party cookies will be available on their own websites.

Change cookie preferences or block cookies

 Within your browser, you can choose whether you wish to accept cookies or not. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings so that you are notified whenever cookies are being sent to your computer. Alternatively, you can block cookies completely. The use of cookies can be restricted or denied through your Internet browser (see your browser’s instructions for details).

If you disable cookies or block theme, some of our website features may not work properly.