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Mission Critical Top Tech Trends 2023: 5G technology and Erillisverkot – review of new possibilities

The basic communication and information retrieval needs of the authorities do not differ from the needs of everyday consumers. The world has permanently switched to mobile broadband and we all benefit from the new services it enables.

Authorities and other Mission Critical actors should also follow this development which, if implemented well, will make their processes and operations more efficient. The adoption of new technology is complicated due to the special requirements posed by the Mission Critical operating environment, such as those relating to security, availability and reliability of services, and contingency preparedness.

The technology roadmap for Erillisverkot ensures the development of services offered to its customers and helps to choose suitable technologies when developing new services. The roadmap describes the development prospects for Erillisverkot’s services (mobile data, group calls, group video, cloud, situational awareness and network operator services). These areas include numerous development targets that utilise or even require features provided by 5G networks.

Future possibilities for public safety actors

Compared to previous generations of technology, 5G offers faster data rates, higher capacity, more reliable connections, and more accurate positioning. The new 5G technology enables the reliable transmission of larger amounts of data over the radio network in nearly real time, which increases the efficiency and accuracy of communication between different parties.

In addition, connecting various smart IoT devices and sensors to the 5G network wirelessly becomes easier. Various IoT devices can be used to predict, detect, monitor the environment and report dangerous situations, such as fires or dangerous goods, and transmit information reliably, safely and quickly to those who need it with the help of the Virve 2 network.

The introduction of 5G technology enables the integration of Virve 2 services with other actors as well as with other networks, devices, and applications. This enables seamless cooperation and exchange of information between different public safety authorities and other actors critical to society, as well as towards citizens.

With 5G, communication and exchange of information between different networks and services will be even smoother, which will contribute to more efficient management of operations and improve the overall situational awareness. The continuous development of technology and innovations increase the possibilities to improve the functionality and efficiency of Virve 2 services.

Virve 2, which is currently in the deployment phase, provides its end users jointly developed, reliable and secure mobile services already today. Networks, devices and services based on 5G technology will provide public safety actors even more advanced services and better data security.

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Mission Critical Top Tech Trends 2023 review is based on the views of experts in Erillisverkot.