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About us

We are a state-owned special-purpose company that secures the functioning of society and critical communication in all circumstances. Erillisverkot provides services for organisations that support the safety and functioning of society in the fields of communications, mission control and securing critical infrastructure.
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Our story

Finnish determination, trust and courage to look forward. Finland was built on these values, and they are also the cornerstones of our digital independence. Erillisverkot Group is a state-owned special-purpose company that serves customers who do not settle for the ordinary level of security and contingency.

Critical data communication and ICT services are at the core of our expertise. We work at all hours, on all days of the week and year-round to make Finland the safest country in the world. We are proud of our critical role in society and we want to be role model for others.

Our services, such as the public safety network Virve, enable collaboration between safety and security operators. We are building a smooth everyday life and making society resistant to crises through collaboration. This is why we want to secure, serve, unite and renew.

Let’s build security together.

Management and administration

The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for the ownership steering of the company. A state-owned company enjoys the benefits of both the public and private sectors. We are a limited company, which makes our operations agile and funding flexible.

The field of operations of Erillisverkot Group, as specified in the articles of association, is the building and operation of data communication networks and other secure networks that are used by public administration authorities and related to ensuring the security of society, along with services and consultancy related to these. The company can own and manage the specified telecommunication networks, real estate and shares.

Our revenue was approximately EUR 119 million in 2023. BDO Oyj serves as the auditor. The auditor responsible for the review is Eeva Koivula, Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Public Finance Auditor.

Erillisverkot comprises the parent company Suomen Erillisverkot Group and its fully-owned subsidiaries Leijonaverkot oy and Johtotieto oy.

Our customers

Our customers in the public sector operate in fields such as national defence, rescue services, the police, social and health care, border control, customs, and we also serve several companies that are critical for the security and functioning of the society.

Our services

Safe and secure society is achieved through collaboration between authorities, companies and other operators, and our reliable ICT services enable this.

The Virve public safety network is one of our best-known services. We work at all hours, on all days of the week and year-round to make Finland the safest country in the world.


Securing the functioning of society

We want Finland to be the pioneer in collaboration within the safety and security sector – this is also our vision. Erillisverkot enhances societal security and builds a safer Finland together with security operators. Making the communication of authorities and other critical operators secure ensures that citizens receive help when they need it and makes everyday life smoother.

"When ordinary is not enough" – We enable secure critical operations and communication.


"Best digital security in the world" – Erillisverkot is a forerunner in cooperation between security operators.


The values guide us on our way towards our goals and help us make the right choices and decisions.


Trust is the core and starting point of all our operations – it justifies our existence and work. We build trust at the level of society by proving our worth to our colleagues, customers and stakeholders every day. We are trustworthy not only because of our top performance, but also because we do not take things for granted, we ask questions and support each other. In order to make others trust us, we must trust each other and deliver on our promises.


We believe that security is achieved through collaboration. We bring together the top experts in the field and offer services that enable collaboration between different parties. In our work, we want to build rewarding partnerships that open up new opportunities. We appreciate each other as people and as experts, and we share our expertise and experience.


We excel in security and infrastructure critical technologies. We strive for constant improvement and create new solutions that lead the way internationally. We are curious, analytical, unprejudiced and open towards the world around us. We focus on our core tasks and seek new strength in partnerships. We take joy in success and learn from failure.


Sustainability means the choices we make in our work every day. It pervades all our operations. We are a state-owned special-purpose company, and our operations affect all Finnish citizens. We all have the right to good leadership and the obligation to address problems. Our operations are governed by a clearly-defined framework and measurable targets.

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