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Annual report 2022

Review by the CEO

Contingency and security took centre stage

From the point of view of critical ICT services, the year 2022 will be remembered for the importance of security of supply, contingency and safety. The Russian attack on Ukraine had a serious impact on the security environment across Europe – Finland applied for membership of NATO.

Another exceptional year

Last year, the financial situation was, once again, exceptional. In January, the outlook of the Finnish economy was promising, but the war in Ukraine changed everything. The war has affected, among other things, the supply of energy. Energy prices have increased immensely, which is also reflected on the prices for other energy-intensive products and services.

The availability of electricity is also a prerequisite for the ICT services provided by Erillisverkot. The contingency level of several of our services was already high before the war in Ukraine, but the threat scenarios are challenging also us. The customers of Erillisverkot have updated their contingency and preparedness planning in the new situation. For our part, we work hard to meet their changing needs.

The pandemic restrictions in China continued to impede the production of ICT services, and there were severe disturbances in logistics chains. The availability of several components was low, and increases in prices were high. Erillisverkot maintained a high level of contingency in a difficult operating environment by predicting orders for critical components and temporarily increasing the number of items in stock.

Security experts and sustainability ensure the reliable functioning of services

The services provided by Erillisverkot require commitment and strong expertise in security from our staff. The high level of requirements of our customers is also reflected on our personnel. Our success factors are our expert and well-being personnel and a corporate culture that is both encouraging and challenging at the same time. One of our goals is to achieve the Future Workplaces certificate as a token of our exceptional employee understanding.

Our responsible task requires responsible methods. This can be seen in our strategy, the targets of our scorecard and, as a consequence, in the daily work of each Erillisverkot employee. We comply with the responsibility and sustainable development targets that are set by our owner, the state of Finland – our work to implement Agenda 2030 continues. We also made an emissions reduction plan until 2035: we produce services for the needs of society energy efficiently, keeping emissions low and paying attention to the volume of waste we produce.

Let’s build security together

The uncertain security situation has strengthened our belief that the future government programme of Finland must contain investments in the overall security of society and contingency. Erillisverkot aims to include the objectives of securing the digital independence of Finland and the development of the Virve public safety network in the Government Programme.

I want to thank our customers and other stakeholders for their trust and collaboration and our personnel and partners for their perseverance and commitment during this exceptional year.

Timo Lehtimäki

Key facts of Erillisverkot

We are a trusted partner for authorities and security operators

  • We maintain and develop network operator services for the public safety network
  • We are developing the public safety network Virve towards broadband services
  • We provide secure cloud and data centre services located in Finland
  • We secure critical national infrastructure under all circumstances

Building a safe society together

  • We exist to help our customers achieve their goals
  • We work together and support our industry in society
  • Through our services, we bring together and connect authorities with security operators
  • We take part in renewing the digital society’s ecosystem of security operations

We show the way to the future

  • We are familiar with the most up-to-date possibilities offered by technology
  • We present to our customers the latest innovations in our field
  • We help our customers operate more cost-efficiently and more responsibly

Let’s build security together

Erillisverkot builds a secure, functional and sustainable Finnish society together with security operators. Making the communication of authorities and other critical organisations secure ensures that citizens receive help when they need it and makes everyday life smoother.

Erillisverkot provides ICT data centre and network operator services for critical communications, mission control and the securing of critical infrastructure. Our customers in the public sector operate in fields such as national defence, rescue services, the police, social and health care, the Finnish Border Guard, Finnish Customs, and we also serve several companies that are critical for the security of supply.

Suomen Erillisverkot is a state-owned special-purpose company whose ownership is steered by the Prime Minister’s Office. Our head office is located in Espoo, and we operate in several locations across Finland.

Key events in 2022

Renewing communications by authorities

• Broadband Virve 2 group communications opened in 10/2022
• The Virve 2 Data subscription was released for customer use in 12/2022


• The collaboration between the Virve and Rakel public safety networks was presented during a state visit to Sweden in 5/2022
• The Kova project for major power supply disturbances was completed in 12/2022

Technological development

• Erillisverkot, Airbus and the Finnish Defence Forces tested the OneWeb satellite service in 9/2022

Environmental responsibility and sustainable development

• The Erillisverkot Board of Directors approved the emissions targets until 2035 in 6/2022

Social responsibility and diversity within the work community

• The partnership contract with Jamk strengthened cooperation with educational institutions in 9/2022
• Erillisverkot carried out a comparative salary review within the group on 3/2022
• COVID-19 expediated hybrid work – our Espoo headquarters moved to new premises in 3/2022

Protecting digital independence

• Objectives of the Government Programme were released in 4/2022

Russia attacked Ukraine in 2/2022.

The COVID-19 hybrid strategy was presented with the aim of stabilising society as openly as possible in 2/2022.

Finland submitted its application for membership of NATO in 5/2022.

The UN Biodiversity Conference COP15 recognised biodiversity loss as a risk that is comparable to climate change in 12/2022.

Our sustainable development commitment until 2035

Limiting global warming to 1.5 °C

  • Approaching zero in our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG scope 1–3).
  • Improving our energy efficiency by 7.5% from 2020 to 2025 and continuing the efficiency measures with new objectives.

Promoting equity and diversity in the work community

  • We promote equal and competitive remuneration.
  • We take equity and diversity into account in recruitment.

2022 in figures

0 mil.
Revenue of EUR
Number of personnel
Customer experience NPS
Virve subscriptions
0 %
Percentage of maintenance vehicles powered by biofuel
0 +
Users for the network operator services
0 tCO2e
Our carbon footprint – 13% higher than in the previous year
0 /100
Personnel index “Liekki”

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