State Security Networks Group Finland
State Security Networks Group Finland
Building security together

Guaranteeing safety and security

State Security Networks Group Finland secures the critical leadership and information society services in all circumstances. We provide secure and reliable ICT services for public authorities and other critical operators of national security. We develop overall security and safety in society, and our operations affect nearly everyone in Finland.

Our values are cooperation, development and trust.
Solutions for challenges in the security field.

Solving customers’ problems

Our fields of expertise are data centre and server capacity services as well as data communication networks and services. We are also increasingly providing data analysis and situational awareness services.

Our core customers are organisations for whom the ordinary is not enough. Our services are used by the Finnish Defence Forces, police, fire and rescue services, social services and health care providers, the Emergency Response Centre Administration, government and local authorities, as well as companies critical to national emergency supply.

For our customers, the ordinary is not enough.

Ownership and administration

We are a wholly state-owned special-purpose company. The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for the ownership steering of the company. Due to company structure, our service organisation is agile and funding flexible. The company combines the best aspects of a public authority and a private enterprise.

Our annual turnover in 2015 totalled approximately EUR 86 million. More detailed information is available on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office.

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The State Security Networks Group Finland (Suomen Erillisverkot in Finnish) is composed of parent company Suomen Erillisverkot and its wholly owned subsidiaries, which are Suomen Virveverkko, VIRVE Tuotteet ja Palvelut, Suomen Turvallisuusverkko, Leijonaverkot and Johtotieto.

We are a wholly state-owned special-purpose company.