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Annual report 2022: Sustainability programme until 2025

The purpose of Erillisverkot is to secure the functioning and safety of society. The company exists so that security operators can perform their tasks undisturbed and smoothly in cooperation. Our special purpose requires us to operate responsibly and sustainably.

Changes in the operating environment, the war in Ukraine and energy shortage made contingency more important in 2022, which also affected our sustainability with regard to, for example, backup power sources.

In 2022, we continued the measures specified in our sustainability targets, such as improving our energy efficiency and developing our carbon footprint calculation to recognise and reduce our emissions over the long term. Completing the minimum sustainability requirements training became a mandatory condition in our supplier contracts. Sustainability risks were included in the risk management process, and they are monitored as part of the group’s risk management.

In our sustainability programme, the implementation of our environmental responsibility is developing positively. Although our total emissions increased by 13 per cent from the previous year, our scope 1 emissions reduced. The increase in emissions was the highest in scope 3, in the procurement category, due to, for example, changes in the scope of business and travel. We have started measures to reduce the emissions from procurement. When we make investment decisions, we pay attention to aspects such as energy efficiency and lifecycle emissions.

We also specified further our emissions calculations related to energy consumption, electricity and waste at our offices.

Our energy efficiency measures and the actions related to the internal Green Office inspections have increased our understanding of the importance of environmental footprint and sustainable operations.

With regard to social responsibility, our work for a wellbeing work community and its diversity continues.

The sustainability metrics are part of the group-level scorecard, and their implementation is monitored according to the sustainability management model. Progress towards the targets is reviewed, for example, at staff information events. Some of the metrics overlap, the purpose of which is to strengthen the sustainable development vision across the group.

Our sustainability themes and goals
PDF: Our sustainability themes and goals

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