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Erillisverkot starts procurement of end user devices for the broadband Virve 2.0 service

Erillisverkot starts procurement of 3GPP compliant 4G/5G end user devices to be used in Virve 2.0 service. Procurement will be done by using a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).
4G 5G public safety networks

Devices to be purchased using this DPS are divided to four main categories: rugged heavy use handheld devices, rugged smartphones, COTS-like smartphones and fixed vehicle devices. Requirements for availability, security, performance etc. are of typical public safety grade. Detailed specifications will be published later on during the DPS procurement process.

Support for the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) will be included in the procurement once the service is ready for deployment.

Official announcement of the initial set up stage of the DPS can be found from on Hilma:

“The end user devices are a very important part of the Virve 2.0 service. By starting this procurement process we are one step closer to the operational use of the new mission critical broadband service,” says Tuomo Ylönen, Development Manager of Erillisverkot Group.

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