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Erillisverkot pleased with RFI answers for Virve 2.0 end user devices: summary available

Erillisverkot has published a summary of findings based on the Request for Information (RFI) on Virve 2.0 end user devices in September 2020. The summary is compiled of the received responses and related follow-up discussions.
end user devices Virve 2.0

The primary goal of the RFI was to find out what kinds of devices the manufacturers are planning to produce and how they could respond to Virve 2.0 user needs.

“We believe that the summary provides a pretty accurate picture of the current situation and a reflection to the near future plans for the 3GPP-based mission critical devices industry. However, we expect to see a quick evolution in this market, and therefore anyone conducting a similar exercise in the future will likely receive responses that differ from ours,” says Development Manager Ari Toivonen

Erillisverkot Group was pleased to receive in total 22 responses from all over the world, mainly from the industry and also from the supporting organizations, like test houses. The majority of the responses covered a limited part of the whole RFI scope, depending on each respondee’s own interests and capabilities.

“We are very grateful for the received responses and we hope this summary will be of interest to similar projects in other countries. What we learned will give us a good reference for starting the procurement process of end user devices later this year,” concludes Ari Toivonen, Development Manager Erillisverkot.

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Link to the summary RFI Virve 2.0 end user devices