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5G technology accelerates and secures authorities' communications – the review reveals why the transition takes time?

The Mission Critical Technology Trends overview by Erillisverkot Group explains why the authorities´ transitions to the 5G era is taking so long. The communication and information retrieval needs of authorities fundamentally do not differ from consumer usage, but the mission critical operating environment imposes special requirements on technology. The latest review focused on 5G technology also presents the opportunities that 5G technology offers for Finland´s next generation mission critical Virve services.

Construction of the quantum encryption network begins in Finland

A public test network will be built in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, which will enable the introduction of quantum encryption technologies. It will also offer Finnish companies a platform for developing and testing services and products based on quantum encryption. Quantum encryption is a new method based on quantum mechanics that enables secure data transfer in the era of quantum computers. In the future, the national quantum encryption network will be connected to the EU-wide network. The project led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland includes Suomen Erillisverkot Oy, Cinia Oy and CSC – IT Center for Science.

Mission Critical Top Tech Trends

Drones and NTN satellite connections offer many kinds of benefits both for the authorities and citizens. This second Mission Critical Top Tech Trends review for 2022 by Erillisverkot discusses their current use and future possibilities

Virve makes it possible to get help from the crisis and social services quickly

When the emergency number 112 picks up a call, five authorities are ready to help in the field: the police, rescue services, emergency medical service, Finnish Border Guard and emergency social services and crisis services. The Emergency Response Centre transfers the mission to the appropriate authorities who can be quickly connected to a shared Virve talk group and out in the field to help.

Ari Toivonen: “Construction of broadband Virve service is going well – development work is making excellent progress”

The new broadband Virve service for public safety operators is being built carefully and in stages. “We have made excellent progress, as a large part of the work has already been done. The situation could be compared to a building that already has foundations, walls and a roof – at this stage it already looks like a house,” says Ari Toivonen, Development Manager at Erillisverkot.

Erillisverkot’s first Mission Critical Top Tech Trends survey published

The first Top Tech Trends survey of Erillisverkot concentrates in particular on the future technology opportunities of the authorities and security operators. In the autumn 2021 survey, the focus is on convergence of technologies, 5G, cloud technologies and artificial intelligence and satellites.