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Annual report 2022: Operating environment

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian attack on Ukraine materially impacted our operating environment.

The Finnish security environment is undergoing a rapid and thorough change. The security situation was deteriorated strongly, trust towards Russia’s actions has weakened, and the situation might still change unexpectedly and quickly. The security of supply and continuity of services were highlighted in global and local changes, while inter-dependencies increased.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the vulnerability of production chains. Many states have turned inwards, and the consumption and working habits have changed permanently. The Russian attack on Ukraine has increased the risk of the war extending outside the Ukrainian borders, as well as the risk of a severe energy shortage in several states. The war has also made the global economy and food supply more uncertain, while increasing energy priced considerably.

There are deep conflicts in values and differences in opinion between democratic and authoritarian societies. Resilience, i.e. the ability to maintain one’s ability to recover and function in a changing environment, has become an important concept alongside efficiency.

Examples of approaches that can improve resilience include foresighting for the future and systemic thinking, which involves recognising and understanding how systems work, predicting their behaviour and changing them to achieve the desired effect. Systemic thinking can strengthen the ability to function and increase the number of options, both at the individual and organisational level. Cooperation is an important part of strengthening resilience.

As the operating environment changes, the demand for services provided by Erillisverkot increases. With our services, our customers can ensure the continuity of their operations and promote the creation of national security and stability. National security and stability have always been at the core of the network operator and Virve services provided by Erillisverkot. Key objectives in these services include the ability to function and recover both during disruptions under normal conditions and during emergencies.

PDF: Megatrends affecting the operations of Erillisverkot

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