Press release: New owner to accelerate Deltagon’s growth – Deltagon becomes a subsidiary of Kyberleijona Oy which is a joint venture of Erillisverkot Group and SSH

Erillisverkot Group (Erillisverkot) has signed an agreement of selling all the shares of Deltagon Oy for Kyberleijona Oy. Kyberleijona Oy is Erillisverkot’s associated company (ownership 35 percent) and SSH Communications Security Corporation’s (SSH) subsidiary (ownership 65 percent).
Deltagon SSH

After the closing, Deltagon becomes a subsidiary of Kyberleijona Oy and a part of the SSH group. The acquisition is expected to be finalized during the first half of 2021, subject to regulatory approvals and fulfilment of customary closing conditions.

The total acquisition price is approximately EUR 15.4 million.

Deltagon Oy develops information security solutions for electronic communications and services for various industries including finance and public sector.  A majority of Deltagon’s revenue is generated from the secure email messaging solution Sec@GW, which is certified by the National Cyber Security Authority at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom (NCSA-FI) for protecting classified information according to Finnish national security requirements.

”This transaction supports our aim of guaranteeing secure, stable, and continuously improving communications and IT services in all circumstances for the public sector and safety-critical customers. SSH is a strong global company that can both satisfy domestic needs and expand the Deltagon business internationally. Furthermore, we have already worked together with SSH since 2018 with the Kyberleijona joint venture”, says Mr. Timo Lehtimäki, the CEO of Erillisverkot Group.

”This acquisition strengthens SSH’s product portfolio and helps us to provide world class complete solutions for our customers to fulfill their critical cybersecurity needs. Deltagon’s Sec@GW product is a natural extension to our encryption product family. The acquisition gives us access also to other interesting products with international growth potential. I wish the entire Deltagon staff warmly welcome as a part of our highly skilled cybersecurity software development and deployment team”, comments Dr. Teemu Tunkelo, the CEO of SSH.

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Timo Lehtimäki, CEO, Erillisverkot Group, +358 50 514 8286
Katariina Salmisalo, Communications Director, Erillisverkot Group, +358 40 701 6576

Teemu Tunkelo, CEO, SSH Communications Security Corporation +358 40 5499605
Niklas Nordström, CFO, SSH Communications Security Corporation, +358 50 5410543

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