State Security Networks Group Finland Enabling Cooperation
State Security Networks Group Finland
Enabling cooperation

Partner of national safety and security organisations

A safe society is the result of collaboration between authorities, companies and other operators. Without reliable ICT services, those responsible for safety and security would be at a loss.

Our task at the State Security Networks Group Finland is to support safety and security operators in safeguarding the everyday lives of the public.

Success lies in cooperation.
Solutions for challenges in the security field.

Reinforcing society's security

The fire and rescuer services, police, national defence, social services and health care sector as well as other traditional and new security operators play a major part in securing our society. Our role is to make sure that midwives and physicians find their way to the right operating theatre, messages from the emergency response services reach the rescuers, the police patrols have correct situational information, and the higher national leadership can communicate through secure channels.

The role of companies is to support a functioning, safe society. We need water, food and heat to survive, and without electricity many things we take for granted would come to a halt. We ensure in the State Security Networks Group that companies critical to national emergency supply remain operational in all eventualities.

The cooperation of Finnish authorities is globally unique.

Uninterrupted services

Our customers do not settle for the ordinary. Authorities and other security operators must be able to carry out their duties regardless of time or place: whether under cyber attack or heavy storm, in the islands or high on the fells. Advances in digitalisation make the reliability of information technology and data communications as well as the stability and security of services based on them more crucial than ever.

Our services are built from elements that are fully under our control. We have made it our policy never to make our customers run around from one provider to the next when looking for a solution.

Our services run every day throughout the year